Why ONE Engage?

Effective & purposeful engagement with both Residents and the Emergency Services has become an important aspect of new and upcoming building safety legislation. The Building Safety Act (2022) The Building Safety Act (2022) mandates Accountable Persons to create, implement and manage a Resident Engagement Strategy. A Resident Engagement Strategy should promote the participation of residents in the decision-making process about the building safety risks in their building strategies. Strategies must be provided to Residents' and include:
  • What information will be provided to residents.
  • What residents will be consulted on.
  • How residents' views will be sought.
  • How the effectiveness of the strategy will be measured.
The Act places a responsibility on Residents to play their part in keeping buildings safe. It's important that residents are provided with the information they require to fully understand their new obligations. This might include not acting in a way that creates significant risk, not interfering with relevant safety items & complying with a request for access. Residents must also be provided with the appropriate tools to report safety concerns and request information. Consultation on the new safety regime for occupied higher-risk buildings The consultation on the new safety regime for occupied higher-risk buildings is proposing that Residents' are also provided with information such as:
1) Measures to reduce the risk of fire and ensure structural integrity of the building:
a. Fire risk assessment.
b. Summary of measures in place to mitigate the potential spread of fire and any building structural safety risks.
c. How residents can reduce the risk of fire.
d. Report a safety issue.
e. Help the Accountable Person manage building safety risks.
2) Contact information for building safety matter and a short explanation of their role.
3) Residents' rights:
a. Copy of the Resident Engagement Strategy.
b. The Principal Accountable Person's complaints policy.
c. List of further information residents can request.
The consultation is also proposing that Residents have the appropriate tools and processes to:
  • Report safety occurences.
  • Request information.
  • Make a complaint.
  • Can contribute to and express their views on consultation matters.
The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 are coming into force on the 23rd of January 2023. These regulations further mandate the sharing of information between duty holders, residents and the fire & rescue service. Responsible persons must share the following information with Residents:
  • How to report a fire.
  • The evacuation strategy.
  • What residents must do in the event of a fire.
  • The importance of keeping fire doors closed, self-closing devices and the identification of faults or damage for immediate reporting.
  • The outcomes of monthly checks to lifts & essential firefighting equipment.
Responsible persons must share the following information with their local Fire & Rescue Service:
  • External walling systems design, risk, impact and any mitigation measures in place.
  • Live alerts of any faulty, critical firefighting equipment that cannot be remediated within 24 hours.
  • Single page building plan.
  • Floor plans.
  • Contact information of the Accountable & Responsible Persons, and any other person who can facilitate acces to the building.
The Golden Thread of Information The above information sharing requirements will form part of the Golden Thread of Information which MUST be:
  • Digital
  • Accessible
  • Transferable
  • Interoperable
  • Accurate
  • Secure
  • Understandable & Consistent - maintaing the ability to navigate and use information appropriate for the user's needs
  • Accountable - the audit trail!
How can ONE Engage help? ONE Engage is a tool that meets the Golden Thread principles & provides the tools that enables digital resident engagement. ONE Engage establishes a secure & accessible information exchange process which effectively allows technical content to be made unstandable by key end-users of the Golden Thread during operation. The system also enables consistency by creating a standardised process for the sharing of knowledge and information. All activity on the platform is tracked, evidencing compliance and accountability. Residents can access a real-time dashboard displaying important information about their building. The user interface aims to build transparency, trust and provide accessible, inclusive tools that allow residents to have their say.